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“For us in the outside world, Britain would become, at least in economic terms, irrelevant to international diplomacy,” Mr Downer said.“You would be better off remaining within the EU or being completely out of it in every way than leaving yourselves in such a position of weakness and irrelevancy. The ACT was created in 1909, and the city of Canberra was designed by an American landscape architect in 1912.The Commonwealth Parliament relocated there from Melbourne in 1927.

The capital city, Canberra, is located in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

The strong sense of societal and historical distinctiveness among the different states and territories has not developed into major subcultural diversity based on geographic regions.

For much of the nation's history, there has been a focus on assimilating different cultural groups into the dominant British Australian traditions; however, in the early 1970s a more pluralist policy of multiculturalism came to prominence.

In 1996 the population self-identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander was 372,000, probably about the same as in 1788; many of those people have both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal ancestry. The dominant language since colonization has been English, with little multi-lingualism among the majority population.

Nevertheless, both the diverse Aboriginal groups and many immigrants continue to use languages other than English.

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The title was suggested in 1814 and derives from the Latin terra australis incognita ("the unknown south land") which had been used by mapmakers for centuries before European colonization.

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