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Notice to guys who are reading this; in a bid to pick up a girl from a bar, don’t literally ”pick her up”. You read that correctly, one very bad disadvantage of being involved in a relationship with a bodybuilder is the sex.It’s not that there is anything wrong with sex just because she is strong and jacked.Most girls likely do not want to be thrown around their bedroom like a small toy.Most foreplay is good, but all things have their limits.All the protein he consumes, particularly the one that comes from eggs, tends to cause an unaware build-up of foul-smelling gases which must be eliminated as quickly as possible except you want your boyfriend to explode by some internal combustion. The gas is particularly annoying when it happens suddenly during an extremely improper time.Like in between a dinner in a beautiful restaurant, or while attending some art exposition.It’s either he eats enormous amounts of food periodically, or he’ll go into a rage that is out of control and might probably make a scene.In situations like these, it’s advisable to have a meal already made in case he gets hungry in the middle of the date.

Like going to see a movie, and as you are enjoying the movie, you find your boyfriend munching on the huge sandwich he brought inside unlawfully.

And if attention is not given to her, but rather, going to the gym becomes a thing of priority, very soon the gym is the only place complete attention will be given to. Often and on these needs can be different from your needs, such as having 4 hours of gyming to yourself each day.

What women want are things like visiting shopping malls, having lunches with her alone at some sophisticated restaurants, or with her friends that are not concerned about lifting, pay attention to their dull stories or going for social gatherings together where you’ll have to drink alcohol to prevent being called a “party breaker.” Bodybuilders that are devoted do not seem to fancy these needs.

These ”happenings” often will be part of your date, so you might as well get acquainted with them.

When you are asleep at night on your cozy bed, and it gets a little cold, you want to throw the cover over your head, and you notice that the fart has covered the space under the cover and you’ve unknowingly put yourself into a gas chamber. If you haven’t dated a bodybuilder before there is no way you could know, but if indeed you know exactly what we are talking about.

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Therefore, without any more fuss, the following are the five main reasons why you should not consider dating a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders that are devoted see the gym as some temple that they must often visit and on a regular basis visit for an extended time to pacify the iron gods.

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