Office communicator presence not updating

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Office communicator presence not updating

The final step is to configure the client policy parameter in Lync server so that all Lync clients will be provided the path to the centrally located presence configuration file.

There are two approaches to enabling this: either by configuring the default global client policy which will apply the changes to users or by creating a new client policy and granting that policy to only the specific set of Lync users which should receive this capability.

Thus the recommend approach for configuring this additional functionality in a production environment would be to use an HTTPS server to retain the default security behavior as well as utilizing the in-band policies.

No direct modification of the registry is required for this scenario.

For those of you new to the Communications Server products then here is a step-by-step walkthrough specifically for Lync.

The custom configuration information is stored in an XML file that must be manually created first.

Another advantage of this approach is that this client policy parameter could be used to point to an invalid path to prevent users from enabling their own custom presence settings.

The original basic configuration was intended for one-off usage or testing, while the newer more secure method is considered best practice for production deployments.

This article has been updated yet again (October 2012) to include the new registry path that the Lync 2013 client uses as now it is part of the Office 2013 suite.

As the Lync client is now part of the Office 2013 suite then all of the registry settings are now stored in a completely different location.

So for client-side file hosting or configuration the following alterations are required to the instructions provided above.

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To trigger the Lync client to import and use the custom state information two settings will need to be set within the local workstation’s registry.

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