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You can also pick a different font and point size in the Toolbar.Or try maximizing the window as suggested in the previous item, make the desired adjustments, and then restore it.The real solution is to set the monitor to a higher resolution (if possible) in the Display section of the Windows Control Panel, or else to use a smaller font size and/or smaller screen dimensions (rows and/or columns) in K95; if you are using the Dialer to set up the connection, you can configure the screen dimensions on the entry's Terminal page, and the font and font-size on the GUI page.The very first time you start Kermit 95 (the GUI version, K95G. Windows apparently picks a font height and width at random. You can fix the font aspect ratio by dragging an edge or corner of the screen until it looks right.Also the VT320 terminal type is not handled correctly in Emacs 23 and later, even when the OS (e.g. Strange behavior in Emacs commands (for example file completion in Find-File) can be fixed by changing your terminal type to VT220 or any other well-supported type.

The command KCD DOWNLOAD does not work in Windows Vista or later; the Windows API for finding the user's download directory changed after K95 2.1.3 was released.

The authenticity of host XXX can not be established", etc.

These are legitimate warnings because a host pool looks to SSH exactly like man-in-the-middle attack.

Although Kermit 95 comes with a graphical Dialer for setting up connections, it's really a lot easier to set them up with Good Old Notepad, creating text files on your desktop with names that end in SET SSH COMPRESSION OFF # SSH compression changed after K95 2.1.3 release SET TERMINAL TYPE VT220 # Default of VT320 is not recognized by newer hosts SET TERM AUTODOWNLOAD ON # Allow autodownload but suppress popup dialog SET TERM CHARACTER-SET CP1252 # Adapt to "modern usage" of ISO 8859-1 SET TERM FONT COURIER_NEW 13 # Pick a reasonable font and size SET TERM HEIGHT 55 # Have big monitor - allow 55 lines on screen SSH CUNIX /USER:fdc # Make SSH connection specifying the username ) with all the desired font, character-set, terminal emulation, and other customizations.

Of course the file could contain any commands you want, for example to automate some repetitive interactive task; see the Kermit script library for examples and ideas.

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If you use Kermit 95 to log in to such a Unix system and try to use any application that formats the screen (Emacs, Vi, etc), you will get a message to the effect that your terminal type is unknown.

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