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I’m not afraid to use a few keywords, or trigger words so to speak during early dating.I figure that if someone is afraid of certain words like commitment, relationship, marriage, or babies, then they’re likely not the match for me personally.If someone is scared, and peaces out simply because of the fact that they’re perceiving you as being too upfront, and only having marriage on your mind, then they’re likely not the right match for you, so you should let them go, and move on. Marriage doesn’t have to be the topic of all of your discussions if that’s what you’re ultimately hoping to achieve.However, there’s nothing wrong with using words like marriage, married, engaged, babies, and all of that fun stuff that people a lot of times avoid talking about during early dating.The worst thing is when people are afraid of commitment, yet they’re still dating.I’m one of those people that goes against all of the rules during early dating.There are people that have been on dating sites for years, and there have been people that have been single, and on the market for way too long.When someone has experienced the dating scene for too long, dating altogether may start to become a drag, and a person can even become jaded, or lose hope in finding real love.

The longer that people stay single, the more that they tend to experience heartache, disappointment, and they might even get tired of dating altogether.The dating scene in Los Angeles, as well as in many other big cities, can be quite intense at times, and possibly more so than in small towns where there’s actually less to choose from.Having less to choose from, doesn’t necessarily make it harder to find someone that will be a great match for you.They’re simply not open to falling in love, no matter how good of a match you might be.I always write about the importance of going into new situations with an absolute open heart, but going in cautiously.

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Anyone that’s afraid of simple words from a simple vocabulary isn’t interested in anything long-term or meaningful.

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