Single parent dating amston connecticut

Posted by / 25-Sep-2017 22:35

I don't think they tried to rob a Quicky-Mart, sounds more like gang/drug related than a robbery.

If they do well in school, they are accused of selling out...trying to be white. the unfortunate deaths of these two young men and lifestyles they chose to lead proves one thing: no matter how hard we try with our children, they will make their own choices in life and face the consequences.

As a gun owner, I don't think the person with the shotgun was a legal gun owner.

First, unless the person ran out of his home with the shotgun, it was being carried through Hartford, which tells me the barrel and/or the stock was sawed off.

I wonder if "Jim Jones" or Suge Knight know about this death, I doubt it.

To the family, keep your head up you tired your best. And stop with the "Rock the Heavens" crap, dont we wish they were still here on earth.

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both young men came from good homes-one where he was raised by a single father who had a good job and a strong sense of moral upbringing and the other by a family who encouraged him to get help with the poor choices he was making.