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Speed dating events suffolk cambridge

He used the instrument's power primarily to resolve the nature of nebulae.William Lassell made a fortune selling beer to the dock workers of Liverpool and then took early retirement to pursue astronomy full time; with his revolutionary equatorially mounted 60 cm reflector he discovered Neptune's large moon Triton on 10 October 1846, less than a month after the discovery of the planet itself.The audience included members of OASI and their guests, delegates from neighbouring astronomical societies and local leading amateur astronomers Tom Boles and Martin Mobberley.Appropriately in OASI's 40 year, Allan's ninety plus minute lecture was entitled That Clubbable Passion, the Amateur Astronomical Society.

The photograph below, by John Wainwright, shows Andrew in historical costume during the event.

Photos below by John Wainwright show the scene during a coffee break mid-lecture.

On 24 October 2014, Professor Ralph Spencer presented a fascinating talk entitled "Black Swans", about black holes in the constellation Cygnus.

Colonel Tomline, who built a private observatory and employed a professional astronomer to run it, was typical of the grand patrons.

The most prominent of the country parson style of middle-class amateurs was the Rev T W Webb of Hardwick, Herefordshire, whose 1859 publication Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes was the first book of real use to the amateur, offering advice on celestial objects within range of the primary instrument of the day - the then ubiquitous 75 mm brass-tube refractor.

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The first truly recognisable astronomical society was that at Leeds, which had formed following a lecture there in 1858 by Sir John Herschel - son of Sir William Herschel.