Sweet dee dating a retarded person full episode

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Sweet dee dating a retarded person full episode

Even Estelle wore short sleeved dresses and we saw her legs. And,as another poster mentioned, the interior didn't match the exterior of the house.Down the hall from the living room were the bedrooms.But the back exit of the kitchen couldn't have been external access, could it?I watch GG at 4 and PM (whenever possible) on Lifetime.Sophia had a Brooklyn accent, even though she immigrated from Sicily as an adult.She should have had an Italian accent."Like Rose said she was allergic to cats, the next episode was about how they all met and she had to move out of her old apartment b/c she had a cat.scenario, as Dee is excited to be dating a popular local rapper, only for Dennis to put the idea in her mind that he's retarded.But it was just so-so in the execution, not delivering the constant laughs most episodes do.

And now I'm having a Comic Book Guy "I've wasted my life" moment.

The families, especially the kids, were all screwed up. Why did only one of Rose's kid's come to the hospital when she had the heart attack. That's the charm of the entire show; pretty much none of the details made sense but that all talked and ate cheesecake.

And please, young beautiful women don't get half as many dates as these old gals. if there was supposed to be 3 bedrooms for rent initially, how were they able to take in Sophia?

One of the better jokes for this storyline was a visual one, coming from the drastically different looks the three chose for their band, "Chemical Toilet." - Frank wearing a terrible wig and suit, Mac dressed in a torn tank top complete with fake blood, and Charlie dressed in a nice (for him) coat, hat and scarf, attempting to be Bob Dylan.

However, some of the bits on this episode were a little mundane for this show.

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They all had their own massive bedrooms, so it wasn't like any of them was sharing. One time, he died in the hospital, the second, I believe he had a heart attack and died after he and Rose had sex.